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iRemindU 2.1.2

iRemindU 2.1.2

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iRemindU Editor's Review

iRemindU is a simple application which can remind you various things.

In order to use it, I recommend the same thing that the producer recommends and that is to read the documentation. However, the application isn't difficult to use.

Most of its functionality is provided by the menus. In the 'File' menu you can find a couple of items which control the application's behavior. You can define there either a new reminder or a new timer.

The 'New Reminder' option opens a nice window with a text input. You have to input something there which would be the reminder itself. After you click the 'Save' button you are allowed to activate the reminder.

The reminder works in a simple way. When you open the application it verifies if there's a reminder. If there is a reminder, then it pops up a window that displays the text which you've previously input.

iRemindU has a startup daemon in the distribution package. In order to use it, you need to place it in the startup list from your user's account 'Login Items'.

The timer functionality is slightly different. You have also a text area where you can place a message, but it has some extra functionality. The timer can use either the number of seconds, minutes, or hours that you define there.

When you start the timer, the window fades away. When the time's up, a window pops up and it reminds you about that thing. The application must not be hidden in order to display these messages.

Pluses: it can remind you about various things; it has both a static reminder mode, or a timed reminder mode; the distribution package includes a startup item; the documentation of this application is a nice PDF file with pictures and everything.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: this is a good reminder which can be a helpful buddy in certain situations.

version reviewed: 2.1.2

iRemindU Publisher's Description

When iRemindU is launched, it will check to see if it has to remind you of something. If it does, a window will appear and will be on top of every other window currently open on your computer.

This comes in handy because what good is a reminder that’s behind Safari? To set a reminder, you will need to go to File New Reminder. This will bring

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